Why have America’s Journalists made marijuana a cause celebre?

If the press had done it’s job after California passed the first medical marijuana law in 1996, no other state would have passed a similar law or legalized pot. This is a serious indictment. Many reporters are using their positions to manipulate the American public. It is not always done consciously or intentionally, but marijuana has become such an unassailable cause among so many people that they support its legalization without ever questioning the assumptions they’ve made. Journalists are trained to question their own assumptions, but often seem to forget when it comes to marijuana.

Read Op-Ed about media bias on marijuana in Arizona Capitol Times, 5-24-13


About Edward Gogek

I've been practicing psychiatry for 25 years, doing general work with adults, children and adolescents. My subspecialties are addiction psychiatry, classical homeopathy and nutritional medicine.
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